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PREAMBLE <br /> Preamble <br /> This Section provides an overview of the structure of this By-law and describes generally how <br /> each Section of this By-law should be used. This Section is provided for information purposes <br /> only and does not form part of the By-law. <br /> Sections of the By-law <br /> The Zoning By-law is comprised of the following Sections, which are described briefly as <br /> follows: <br /> Section 1.0: General <br /> Section 1.0 addresses legal matters of the By-law, including its name, scope and other <br /> matters. <br /> Section 2.0: Interpretation <br /> Section 2.0 addresses how the By-law is to be interpreted with respect to the use and meaning <br /> of terms, and the interpretation of special use regulations. <br /> Section 3.0: Administration <br /> Section 3.0 addresses the administration of the By-law and the relationship of the By-law to <br /> issuance of building permits, certificates of occupancy and other administrative or legal <br /> matters. <br /> Section 4.0: Definitions <br /> The Zoning By-law is a legal document, and as such, it must be clear and easily interpreted in <br /> order to be effective. Section 4.0 provides the definitions for terms and uses identified within <br /> this By-law. In some cases, the definition of a term may be technical in nature, and as such, <br /> understanding the definitions is critical to ensuring conformity with the Zoning By-law. For <br /> some technical or complex definitions, a diagram may be provided to help clarify the meaning <br /> of a term, for illustration purposes only. Where a definition for a term is provided in Section 4.0, <br /> the term is italicized in the text of the By-law. <br /> Section 5.0: Zones and Zoning Maps <br /> Section 5.0 establishes the zones, zone symbols and the zoning maps (Schedule A). Section <br /> 4.0 also provides provisions regarding the interpretation of the zoning maps, as well as holding <br /> symbol (h) provisions. For convenience, each zone established in the By-law is given a zone <br /> symbol, usually consisting of one or two capitalized letters and possibly a number, and written <br /> with no spaces (e.g., R1 is the zone symbol for the Residential Type 1 zone). The zoning maps <br /> illustrate the zoning of the Town by assigning zone symbols to delineated areas in the Town. <br /> Town of Lakeshore Zoning By-law <br /> Council Adopted I January 10, 2012 <br /> Modified I December 2, 2019 <br />