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CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF LAKESHORE <br />BY-LAW NUMBER 23-2018 <br />A BY-LAW TO ESTABLISH STANDARDS FOR THE MAINTENANCE <br />AND OCCUPANCY OF ALL PROPERTY IN THE TOWN OF <br />LAKESHORE <br />WHEREAS Section 15.1(3) of the Building Code Act, S.O. 1992, c23, as <br />amended authorizes municipalities to enact by-laws prescribing standards for <br />the maintenance and occupancy of all property within the municipality and for <br />prohibiting the occupancy or use of such property that does not conform with the <br />standards; and for requiring any property that does not conform with the <br />standards to be repaired and maintained to conform with the standards as <br />described herein or the site to be cleared of all buildings, structures, debris or <br />refuse and the lands left in a graded and levelled condition; <br />AND WHEREAS the Official Plans for the Town of Lakeshore, include <br />provisions relating to property conditions as required by section 15.1 (3) of the <br />Building Code Act, S.O. 1992, c23. As amended; <br />AND WHEREAS it is deemed expedient to establish standards for the <br />maintenance and occupancy of property in the Corporation of the Town of <br />Lakeshore; <br />NOW THEREFORE the Council of The Corporation of the Town of <br />Lakeshore enacts the following: <br />TITLE <br />SECTION 1 <br />1.1 This By-law may be referred to as the Property Standards By-law. <br />DEFINITIONS <br />SECTION 2 <br />In this by-law: <br />2.1 COMMITTEE means a property standards Committee established under <br />section 15.6. <br />2.2 CORPORATION means the Corporation of the Town of Lakeshore. <br />2.3 COUNCIL means the Council of the Corporation of the Town of <br />Lakeshore. <br />2.4 DWELLING means a building or structure, any part of which is intended <br />to be used for the purpose of human habitation, and includes a building <br />that would be or would be intended to be used for such purposes except <br />for its state of disrepair. <br />2.5 DWELLING UNIT means one or more habitable rooms used or intended <br />to be used as a domicile by one or more individuals living together usually <br />including cooking, eating, sleeping and sanitary facilities. <br />2.6 FLOOR AREA means the maximum area contained within the outside <br />walls of a building or within the walls of a room, as the case may be. <br />2.7 HABITABLE ROOM means any room in a dwelling unit used or capable <br />of being used for living, sleeping or eating purposes. <br />2.8 OCCUPANT means any person or persons over the age of eighteen <br />years in possession of the property. <br />