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CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF LAKESHORE <br />BY-LAW 24-2011 <br />Being a By-law to provide for the regulation of the placing <br />or dumping of fill, alteration of the grade of, or removal of <br />topsoil from land within the Town of Lakeshore. <br />WHEREAS the Municipal Act 2001, S.O., 2001, c.25, as amended, (the "Act") provides <br />for local municipalities to regulate the dumping of fill, alterations; of the grade of, and <br />the removal of topsoil from lands; <br />AND WHEREAS, the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Lakeshore <br />considers it desirable to pass such a By-law; <br />NOW THEREFORE, the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Lakeshore <br />enacts as follows: <br />TABLE OF CONTENTS <br />PAGE <br />SECTION 1 -DEFINITIONS 3 <br />SECTION 2 -DUMPING FILLING AND GRADING REGULATIONS <br />2.1 General Prohibition 3 <br />2.2 Permit Cost 3 <br />2.3 Drainage Characteristics Prohibition 3 <br />2.4 Designed Elevations Prohibition 3 <br />2.5 Application Requirements 3 <br />2.6 Permit Issuance Conditions 5 <br />2.7 Private Drain Prohibition 6 <br />2.8 Private Drain Additional Conditions 6 <br />2.9 Permit Condition Prohibition 6 <br />2.10 Permit Conditions 6 <br />2.11 Nuisance Condition 6 <br />2.12 Travel Route Condition 6 <br />2.13 Rear Yard Drainage Condition 6 <br />2.14 Rear Yard Drainage Waiver 6 <br />2.15 Permit Term 6 <br />2.16 Permit Renewal 6 <br />2.17 Permit Revocation 6 <br />SECTION 3 -ADDITIONAL AGRICULTURAL ZONE PROVISIONS <br />3.1 AgriculturalZone Absolute Prohibition 7 <br />3.2 Exceptions 7 <br />