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<br />CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF LAKE SHORE <br />BY-LAWNUMBER 114-2001 <br /> <br />BEING A BYLAW TO ADOPT A <br />POLICY AND FEE SCHEDULE <br />RELATING TO FIRE DEPARTMENT <br />FALSE ALARM RESPONSES <br /> <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to the provisions of the Municipal Act R.S.O. 1990 c. M. 45 as <br />amended municipalities are authorized to pass by-laws imposing fees or charges on any <br />class of persons, for services or activities provided or done by or on behalf of it. <br /> <br />AND WHEREAS, many residents of the Town have installed Fire Alarm Systems in <br />their respective residences and businesses; <br /> <br />AND WHEREAS, false alarms occur which necessitate response by the Fire <br />Department. <br /> <br />AND WHEREAS, these false alarm responses are costly to the Fire Department and the <br />Town of Lake shore; <br /> <br />AND WHEREAS, the safety of the firefighters and inhabitants of the Town of <br />Lakeshore is being jeopardized during these responses to false alarms. <br /> <br />NOW THEREFORE, the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Lakeshore enacts <br />as follows : <br /> <br />1. To adopt a fee schedule for charging property owners with faulty or <br />malfunctioning alarm systems that initiate emergency response calls. <br /> <br />2. This fee schedule is attached hereto and forms part ofthis By-law. <br /> <br />In this by-law : <br /> <br />"ALARM" is the signal activated for the legitimate purpose of notification of a <br />fire, or any bona fide emergency situation. <br /> <br />'AT FAULT FALSE ALARM' will be defined as follows: <br /> <br />i: <br />i! <br />ii <br />II <br />I, <br />'I <br />II <br />ii <br />" <br />II <br />" <br />II <br />Ii <br />II <br />II <br />,I <br />I' <br />II <br />Ii <br />i <br />I <br />II <br />II <br />, <br />I <br />I <br /> <br />1. the testing of an alarm without Fire Department knowledge and approval, <br />alarms caused by the negligence, carelessness or willful maliciousness of <br />the alarm company, the owner or any other person; <br />2. alarm monitoring company, the alarm owner or alarm user; <br />3. alarms activated due to mechanical failure or improper installation; <br />4. alarms activated by internal or external atmosphere conditions, vibrations <br />or power surges. <br /> <br />'BONA FIDE' emergency is defined to exist where there is <br /> <br />5. any valid emergency situation occurring at, or in relation to the premise. <br /> <br />The Fire Department will respond to two "at fault false alarms" as defined herein, <br />to any premises with an alarm during a calendar year without charge to the <br />premises owner/occupier. Any additional responses shall be billed at a rate as set <br />out in schedule "A" attached hereto. <br /> <br />6. in the event that the premises owner/occupier fails to pay an "at fault false <br />alarm" charge within thirty (30) days of invoicing, the Town of Lakeshore <br />will take appropriate steps in relation to collection thereof, which may <br />