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2 <br />"Municipality" means the land within the geographic limits of the Corporation <br />of the Town of Lakeshore; <br />"Noise" means unwanted sound; <br />"Point of Reception" means any point on the premises of a person where <br />sound or vibration originating from other than those premises is received. <br />"Residential Area" means those areas of the municipality designated as <br />residential in the Zoning By-law; and <br />"Zoning By-law" means any by-law in effect within the Municipality pursuant <br />to section 34 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.13, as amended. <br />General Prohibitions <br />2. No person shall emit or cause or permit the emission of sound as a result of <br />any act listed in this section if such sound is clearly audible at a Point of <br />Reception: <br />(a) Racing of any Motorized Conveyance other than in a racing event <br />regulated by law; <br />(b) The operation of a Motor Vehicle in such a way that the tires squeal; <br />(c) The operation of any combustion engine or pneumatic device without <br />an effective exhaust or intake muffling device in good working order <br />and in constant operation; <br />(d) The operation of a vehicle or a vehicle with a trailer resulting in <br />banging, clanking, squealing or other like sounds due to improperly <br />secured load or equipment, or inadequate maintenance; <br />(e) The operation of an engine or motor in, or on, any Motor Vehicle or <br />item of attached auxiliary equipment for a continuous period exceeding <br />five minutes, while such Motor Vehicle is stationary in a Residential <br />Area unless: <br />(i) the original equipment manufacturer specifically recommends a <br />longer idling period for normal and efficient operation of the <br />Motor Vehicle in which case such recommended period shall <br />not be exceeded; <br />(ii) operation of such engine or motor is essential to a basic <br />function of the vehicle or equipment, including but not limited to, <br />operation of ready-mixed concrete trucks, lift platforms and <br />refuse compactors, <br />(iii) weather conditions justify the use of heating or refrigerating <br />systems powered by the motor or engine for the safety and <br />welfare of the operator, passengers or animals, or the <br />preservation of perishable cargo, and the vehicle is stationary <br />for purposes of delivery or loading; <br />(iv) prevailing low temperatures make longer idling periods <br />necessary immediately after starting the motor or engine; or <br />(v) the idling is for the purpose of cleaning and flushing the radiator <br />and associated circulation system for seasonal change of <br />antifreeze, cleaning of the fuel system, carburettor or the like, <br />when such work is performed other than for profit. <br />(fl The operation of a Motor Vehicle horn or other warning device except <br />where required or authorized by law or in accordance with good safety <br />practices; <br />(g) The operation of any item of Construction Equipment in a Residential <br />Area or Agricultural Area without effective muffling devices in good <br />working order and in constant operation; or <br />(h) Dynamic braking or engine braking or engine retarding of a Motor <br />Vehicle. <br />