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CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OE LAKESHORE <br />By-Law No. 106-2007 <br />A BY-LAW TO CONTROL NOISE <br />WHEREAS the people have a right to and should be ensured an environment free <br />from unusual, unnecessary, or excessive sound, vibration or other noise that may <br />degrade the quality and tranquillity of their life or cause a nuisance; <br />AND WHEREAS it is the policy of the Council to reduce and control such sound or <br />vibration; <br />AND WHEREAS the Municipal Act, 2001 authorizes municipalities to prohibit and/or <br />regulate noise; <br />NOW THEREFORE, the Council of the Corporation of The Town of Lakeshore <br />enacts as follows: <br />Interpretation <br />1. In this by-law: <br />"Agricultural Area" means those areas of the municipality designated as <br />agricultural in the Zoning By-law; <br />"Construction" includes erection, alteration, repair, dismantling, demolition, <br />structural maintenance., painting, moving, land clearing, earth moving, <br />grading, excavating, the laying of pipe and conduit whether above or below <br />ground level, street and highway building, concreting, equipment installation <br />and alteration and structural installation of construction components and <br />materials in any form or for any purpose, and includes any work in connection <br />therewith; <br />"Construction Equipment" means any equipment or device designed and <br />intended for use in construction, or material handling, including but not limited <br />to, air compressors, pile drivers, pneumatic or hydraulic tools, bulldozers; <br />tractors, excavators, trenchers, cranes, derricks, loaders, scrapers, pavers, <br />generators, off-highway haulers or trucks, ditchers, compactors and rollers, <br />pumps, concrete mixers, graders, or other material handling equipment; <br />"Conveyance" includes a vehicle and any other device employed to <br />transport a person or persons or goods from place to place but does not <br />include any such device or vehicle if operated only within the premises of a <br />person; <br />"Council" means the council of the Corporation of The Town of Lakeshore; <br />"Highway" includes a common and public highway, street, avenue, parkway, <br />driveway, square, place, bridge, viaduct or trestle designed and intended for, <br />or used by, the general public for the passage of vehicles; <br />"Motor Vehicle" includes an automobile, motorcycle, and any other vehicle <br />propelled or driven otherwise than by muscular power; but does not include <br />the cars of electric or steam railways, or other motor vehicles running only <br />upon rails, or a motorized snow vehicle, traction engine, farm tractor, self- <br />propelled implement of husbandry or road-building machine within the <br />meaning of the Mighway Tragic Act; <br />"Motorized Conveyance" means a conveyance propelled or driven <br />otherwise than by muscular, gravitational or wind power; <br />