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CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF LAKESHORE <br />BY-LAW NUMBER 87-2016 <br />TO PRESCRIBE A TARIFF OF FEES FOR <br />THE CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF <br />LAKESHORE <br />WHEREAS, Section 391 of the Municipal Act, 2001 S.O. 2001 as amended, allows <br />municipalities to pass By-laws imposing fees or charges on any class of persons for <br />services or activities provided or done by or on behalf of it; for costs payable by it for <br />services or activities provided or done by or on behalf of any other municipality or <br />local board; and for the use of its property including property under its control; <br />AND WHEREAS The Muncipal Act, 2001 S.O. 2001 grants a municipality power to <br />pass By-laws that impose specific fees for licensing, services, permits and other <br />reasons; <br />AND WHEREAS Section 7 of the The Building Code Act, 1992 S.O. 1992 authorizes <br />the Council of a municipality to pass By-laws requiring the payment of fees on <br />application for and the issuance of permits and prescribing the amounts thereof; <br />AND WHEREAS Section 69 of The Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, as amended, grants <br />the Council of a municipality, by By-law, and a planning board, by resolution, <br />authority to establish a tariff of fees for the processing of applications made in <br />respect of planning matters; <br />AND WHEREAS Section 446(1) of the Municipal Act, 2001 S.O. 2001 authorizes <br />the municipality under this or any other Act or under By-law under this or any other <br />Act to direct or require a person to do a matter or thing, the municipality may also <br />provide that, in default of it being done by the person directed or required to do it, the <br />matter or thing shall be done at the person's expense; <br />AND WHEREAS, it is now desirous to prescribe a Tariff of Fees for the Corporation <br />of the Town of Lakeshore: <br />NOW THEREFORE, THE COUNCIL OF THE CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF <br />LAKESHORE ENACTS AS FOLLOWS: <br />1. This By-law may be cited as the Town of Lakeshore "Tariff of Fees By- <br />law". <br />2. Schedules `A' -`K' to this By-law are hereby adopted as prescribing the <br />fees/charges assessed by the Corporation of the Town of Lakeshore, <br />subject to Consumer Price Index (CPI) adjustments under item 5, and <br />shall be in effect from January 1, 2017, except as stated otherwise. <br />3. Any person who makes an application to, or a request for services of, or <br />enters into an agreement with, or obtains an approval from, the Town, in <br />respect of things or matters set out in this By-law, shall pay to the <br />Treasurer the applicable administrative fees or charges set out in the <br />Schedules to this By-law unless otherwise provided for in this By-law, and <br />such administrative fees and charges are not refundable, unless otherwise <br />provided for in this By-law, and are payable upon the person making such <br />application or requiring services or entering into such agreement or <br />obtaining such approval. <br />