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"Highway" includes a common public highway, street, avenue, parkway, <br />driveway, square, place bridge, viaduct or trestle designed and intended for, <br />or used by the general public for the passage of vehicles; <br />"Minor" means a person who is, or in the absence of evidence to the <br />contrary, appears to be, under 18 years of age; <br />"Owner" includes a person who keeps or possesses a firearm and where the <br />owner is a minor the person responsible for the custody of the minor; <br />"Person" includes any partnership or any association; <br />"Police Officer" means a member of the Ontario Provincial Police Service; <br />"Premises" includes the entire lot on which a building is situated; <br />"Public Property" means any property owned by the Corporation, including <br />but not limited to, Parks, Walkways and Trails; <br />"Set Fine" means the fine for By-law infractions pursuant to the Provincial <br />Offences Act Part I as set by the Regional Senior Justice of the Ontario Court <br />of Justice; <br />"Vehicle" includes a motor vehicle, trailer, tractor engine, farm tractor, road <br />building machine, and any vehicle drawn, propelled or driven by any kind of <br />power, including muscle power, but not including railway cars running only <br />upon rails. <br />PROHIBITIONS <br />2. Subject to sections 3, 4 and 5 below, no person shall discharge a Firearm in <br />those areas of the Town of Lakeshore set out in Schedule "A" of this by-law. <br />3. The provisions of this by-law shall not apply to Police Officers or the <br />Corporation's Animal Control Officers while in the discharge of their duties; <br />4. The provisions of this by-law shall not apply to a Farmer acting for the <br />protection of his. or her crops or livestock provided that in so doing the Farmer <br />does not endanger human life. <br />5. The provisions of this by-law shall not apply to persons issued a permit by the <br />Clerk of the Corporation to discharge a Firearm for the purpose of hunting <br />geese during the geese hunting season, established by Canadian Wildlife <br />Services, in order to reduce the geese population to manageable numbers in <br />the over populated areas identified in Schedule "B". <br />6. A permit issued pursuant to section 5, above, may be revoked at any time by <br />the Clerk of the Corporation provided the Clerk is satisfied that it is necessary <br />in the interest of public safety to do so. <br />SCHEDULE (S) <br />7. Schedule "A" attached hereto forms part of this by-law. <br />8. Schedule "B" attached hereto forms part of this by-law. <br />2 <br />