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"Equipment and Resources" means a water supply at the burn site to <br />control and/or extinguish the size of the fire if required and/or sufficient <br />personnel and equipment such as rakes, shovels, backhoes, bulldozers or <br />front-end loaders; <br />"Farmer" means an individual who's primary occupation is farming that <br />consists of lands and buildings used to grow crops and/or rearing of animals <br />within an area zoned agricultural; <br />"Fire" means Camp Fire, Enclosed Fire and Open Air Fire <br />"Fire Chief' means the Fire Chief for the Town of Lakeshore or designate; <br />"Fire Department" -means the Fire Department of the Town of Lakeshore; <br />"Open Air Fire" is set in the Open Air by any person within the boundaries of <br />the Town, but does not include an Enclosed Fire or Camp Fire; <br />"Ontario Fire Code" means O.Reg. 213/07 as amended made under the <br />Fire Protection and Prevention Act 1997,.c4, as amended; <br />"Open Air" means any open place, yard, field, lot, part lot or construction <br />area which is not enclosed by a building or structure; <br />"Owner" means the registered owner or any person having control over any <br />portion of the building or property under consideration; <br />"Permit" means permission from the Fire Chief to set a Fire; <br />"Town" means the Corporation of the Town of Lakeshore; <br />"Vegetation" means plants collectively. <br />GENERAL PROVISIONS <br />2.1 No person under 18 years of age shall set, maintain or supervise any Fire <br />2.2 No person shall set any Fire on highways, associated ditches, commercial or <br />industrial properties or municipal property within the Town of Lakeshore. <br />2.3 No person shall set or allow any Fire to burn: <br />a) with the aid of flammable or combustible liquids or accelerants of any kind; <br />b') unless the Equipment and Resources, as defined within this By-law, are <br />available at the fire site at all times during the fire; <br />c) on any site, or in the vicinity of any site, where construction or related <br />activities are carried out; <br />2.4 No person shall maintain any Fire when the wind is in such direction or force <br />to cause any or all of the following: <br />a) Smoke, which causes annoyance, irritation or interferes with the natural <br />enjoyment of persons on adjacent properties or decreases the visibility on <br />any highway; <br />b) Spread of the Fire through any grass, leaves, brush, ditch banks or any <br />other vegetated areas; <br />z <br />