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j. "Motor Vehicle" shall include but is not limited to an automobile, <br />motorcycle, trailer, motorized snow vehicle and any other vehicle of <br />similar nature, propelled or driven by power other than muscular <br />power. <br />k. "Organized sport activity" shall mean a sport, activity or game that is <br />an organized sport. <br />"Park" shall include all lands, water, buildings and facilities acquired <br />by purchase, lease, expropriation, agreement, or otherwise and <br />designated by the Council as a place of public recreation. <br />M. "Permit" shall mean prearranged permission from the Town of <br />Lakeshore allowing the specified group to utilize the park space, <br />n. "Person" shall mean a person, firm or corporation, or any group or <br />association of persons, unless otherwise noted. <br />0. "Public Vehicle" shall mean any vehicle drawn, propelled or driven by <br />any kind of power, including muscular power for or on behalf of any <br />transportation of passengers or freight or both and may include freight <br />which might be carried in a passenger vehicle. <br />P. "Service Dog" shall mean a guide dog and other trained service <br />animal identifiable by a harness and used in principal to assist persons <br />with a disability, <br />q. "Town"; shall mean the Corporation of the Town of Lakeshore. <br />Whenever the singular or masculine or neuter is used in this by-law, the same shall <br />be construed as meaning plural or feminine or corporate or vice versa, as the <br />context so requires. <br />Title, Intent and Scope <br />1. This by-law may be cited as the "Town of Lakeshore Parks Use By-law". <br />2. The provisions of this by-law shall regulate the establishment of public parks <br />and the uses of such parks. <br />3. The parks of the Town of Lakeshore are for the benefit and pleasure of all <br />persons who shall be subject to the rules and regulations passed herein. <br />