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INTERPRETATION <br />1. In this by-law: <br />"Animated Sign" means any sign that includes action or motion of all or any <br />party of a sign and includes a sign containing intermittent or flashing light <br />source. <br />"Approved" means approved by the Chief Building Official <br />"Area of the Sign" means the number of square feet on the face of a Sign <br />including the border and frame, if any. In the case of a projecting or double <br />faced Sign, the Area is the area of the surface of one side of the Sign face. <br />"Average Finished Grade" means the average elevation of the finished <br />ground immediately beneath the Sign or proposed Sign. <br />"Chief Building Official" means a person designated as such by Council. <br />"Council" means the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Lakeshore. <br />"Dwelling" means a building or other structure used for human habitation. <br />"Erect" means to attach, build, construct or reconstruct, enlarge, locate or <br />relocate any Sign, to paint a Wall Sign or to maintain any Sign but does not <br />include changes to the letters, numerals, symbols, graphics, characters, <br />logos, colours, designs, textures or objects on any approved Sign face. <br />"Height of the Sign" means the vertical distance from the average finished <br />grade to the highest extremity of the Sign including the border or frame and <br />supporting structure, if any. <br />"Lot" means any parcel of land capable of being separately conveyed. <br />"Lot Line" means any boundary of a lot. <br />"Non-Profit or Charitable Organization" means any non-profit corporation <br />or organization set up for a public purpose without share capital having <br />objects of a charitable, religious, professional, fraternal or athletic purpose. <br />"Permit" means a permit issued by the Town under this By-law:.: <br />"Property" means a separately assessed property shown on the <br />Municipality's latest Assessment ROIL <br />"Shopping Centre" means a group of commercial uses comprising unrelated <br />individual business uses and having a total ground floor area in excess of <br />6,000 square feet on one lot. <br />"Sign" means any device that conveys information by means of letters, <br />numerals, symbols, graphics, characters, logos, 'lights, colours, designs, <br />textures or objects. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Signs are <br />classified by their design, means of support and/or purpose as follows: <br />"Banner Sign" means any Sign made of cloth, paper or fabric <br />supported by ropes, wires or cords. <br />"Billboard" means any sign other than a real estate sign, measuring <br />more than 1.5 mz (16.0 sq. ft.) in Area that directs attention to products, <br />goods and services, activities or facilities not provided on the premises <br />on which the sign is located. <br />2 <br />