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a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, oc other tobacco ; <br />ii. u ikrbied pipe or functioning c-cigarette, <br />or other lighted or functioning non-tobacco Smoking <br />product; <br />or <br />iii. any other lighted or functioning 800nkiog equipment <br />that produces second hand smoke. <br />Prohibition <br />I No person shall use tobacco or Smoke iu any Public Place. <br />Obstruction <br />4. No person shall hinder m obstruct uo Officer io the enforcement o[ this by-|mv. <br />Penalty <br />5. Every person who contravenes any of the provisions of this by-law isguilty of an <br />offence, and upon conviction therefore shall pay: <br />u- u minimum fine of$]UU and u maximum fine o[$3OO for a first offence; and <br />b. o minimum u[$30O and a maximum of$],000for each subsequent offence. <br />Enforcement <br />6. This by-law may hc enforced 6y any Officer. <br />Conflicts <br />7. If provision of this by-law conflicts with an /\c( or u Regulation, the provision that <br />is most restrictive of smoking shall prevail. <br />Severability <br />8. Ifo court ofcompetent jurisdiction should declare any section or part ofu section of <br />this by-law to be invalid, such section or part of a section shall not be construed as <br />huvin�p:muudcdor influenced (�ouori|io pass the rcruoiodc[of the by-lavvand iiio <br />hereby declared that the o:cuuindcc of the by-law shall be valid and obu1| ocozuio in <br />/urcc. <br />g. The headings in this By-law are for convenience only and do not form part of this By- <br />law, <br />l[\ This By-law xhu8 come into force and take effect upon the final passing tzcro0[ <br />l|. Town of Lakeshore By-law 6-2Ol2is hereby repealed. <br />READ A FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD TIME AND FINALLY PASSED THIS 24ln <br />DAY OF MARCH, 2015. <br />Tom 1�ain <br />Mayor <br />Mary Masse <br />Clerk <br />